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Circle Quarterly Art Review

Updated: May 5, 2019

Hello dear readers, it´s been a while. A little traveling, a lot of work, new places, new challenges and my favourite, great new friends. I got some new skills, met new artists, started reading new books (for me new, not at all new otherwise), tasted new food and listened to some live jazz (with the new food and a great friend). That´s a little on my blog-absence.

As I recently came home there´s another new thing, since it´s spring and everything is falling with it this year. The CIRCLE QUARTERLY ART REVIEW, 2018Winter Edition is out and so I found it freshly printed on super glossy nice paper in my mailbox. :).

The Circle Foundation for the Arts is an international organisation that is based in Lyon, France. They have these really sophisticated, clean looking art magazines you could almost call a book, and I am really happy and honoured to be amongst such great talent again and have my work published in this magazine. It is available online (free) as well as printed as a regular and a pocket size book.

HERE´S "CURA, the STORY OF A WHALE", published in the Circle QUARTERLY ART REVIEW,

"An Examination Of Current Trends And Original Practices In Visual Art" - WINTER 2018

For all of you who don´t know them yet, they have some really great things they are looking after, not just artists and the promotion of art worldwide, but they also care about the environment with recycling and reusing their paper, they offer and support artists with an Artist Grant, offer memberships for artists and publish 2 different magazines - the Circle Quarterly Art review and the Spotlight Magazine for their members. I highly recommend you take a look at their past publications as well, there is a wide variety of art you can discover for yourself.

I will be back shortly with another short update, because I have a little much pilled up, so in the meantime, get your copy of the magazine! :)



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