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Mira + Venezia + Canaletto

This year at the end of April 2016, more exact on the 23rd of April, the beautiful Villa Valier hosted the international group exhibition in the heart of Mira, Italy. It was a beautiful event with artists that flew in from every continent, showcasing their works in a unique space of an old Italian villa.

(more photos of the event can be found on

Mira is located only a short distance from Venice and its canal is lined with old summer residences of the Venetian nobles. There is a nearly endless amount on information regarding the history of Italy and no town or village, almost no old house, is lacking this. If you get the chance to visit Venice, try to also take a trip to it's surrounding places - there are boat rides that will take you through the canals into the places rarely seen on postcards, but with a rich narrative.

The exhibition was divided into three events for each day - the opening gave a possibility to take one of such boat trips to Venice and back, while the second day started with an Art breakfast at the Villa and a guided tour in Italian and English, accompanied by the owners and gracious hosts of the estate, the family Corò.

Close to noon the presentation of the second issue of the  ART INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MAGAZINE, issue March/April 2016 and the Official Artworks Catalogue took place. The magazine, with this issues focus on Andy Warhol, takes a look into what is new and fresh in the contemporary art scene, with information on international artists, important new shows and articles.

On the third and last day the Villa hosted the awarding ceremony for the CANALETTO PRIZE - ARTISTIC CAREER AWARD, which was later followed by an outstanding performance of Nico Gattullo and Jakub Rizman with their show "MITO - Narkissos e l´invenzione della pittura". 

To say a few personal words, I am very happy and honoured to have received the Canaletto Award,  I am thankful for the recognition of my works, thankful for being able to take part in this beautiful exhibition, thankful to the organisers Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo and Dott. Salvatore Russo, the hosts of the event, the family Corò and of course thankful for meeting new extraordinary people as well as having the opportunity to meet with some dear friends. It was truly a beautiful event!

I will not be talking about Venice here, because I would never finish and I honestly don´t know how much time I would have to spend there to see just half of everything they have to offer, but a few photographs to remember it by:

 Let´s not forget the Astronaut:


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