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Updated: May 5, 2019

Getting a sudden impulse to draw a bigger picture, sometimes makes me forget how small a 0.10 isograph tip really is. It is very small, I learned the hard way. I cannot take whole days off to draw, but every hour I could take, was spent on this drawing and every day I was sure it would be done the next one. Somehow it never was.

So from finding and buying a roll of paper, sketching, my life between and a lot more ink than usual, I went from being super excited about the idea and it´s progress, to being frustrated about how long it´s taking to come along. Now that it´s almost complete, I was pretty sure it took me about half a year, because it really felt like it, so when I checked my calendar, I had to realise I have absolutely no sense of time, none whatsoever.

There are some finishing touches to be made, plus the conversion into .jpg and .whatelse files, but in the meanwhile, I drew the summation of my next work, battle-mode (oh and, it´s about an octopus, so we´re still underwater):


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