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Updated: May 5, 2019

SWIMMING POOL or Archimedes and the Gallactic Octopus - my biggest and toughest drawing yet. Everything about it is written on the page´s explanation part here, so I won´t repeat myself. All I can say is, this piece exhausted me physically, because I worked on it every free second and it is really built with very many elements, so after a while it got challenging to complete the parts and put them together as one, even though all three parts that make the picture are a bit different and you have to watch for the layers, I was still thinking of when it´ll be completed a lot.

This time I didn´t go through my usual "I´m throwing this away" phase, because by the time I lost the excitement, I was too far and too tired to not see it through. Now on the other hand, it got harder to make something new that can top this. I have 2 more drawings like this one prepared in my head, but I don´t know when I´ll get the time to make them, or, when I will feel like making them. So inbetween, smaller things must be figured out :).

Some pictures (taken with my phone camera) of the process:

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