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Updated: May 5, 2019

PUNKY, the Balloon Fish, the third in line, but not the continuation of the first two though. It was drawn simply out of pleasure for drawing in the style of the Grids and Bricks collection, which has all my time lately.

I wanted to see how far I can go with the background, how tiny the bricks can get without me loosing motivation finishing it. This was it.

Every little piece is a building, so it has windows again, like they all do, they are all shaded from every appropriate site and here they even run in different directions in the back; some up, some down. There is a lot of water flowing in this drawing, all going towards Punky is spiraling towards it´s mouth - I didn´t know this fish can inhale either water or air, found that interesting - being only one of many strong defense mechanisms this fish has.

As explained on my Tumblr. blog, it´s about being tied down to something; we don´t know where that chain leads down to, we don´t know what exactly it is, that ties it to the fish. The fish has a whole universe inside of it, it has sharks suffocating on it, trying to prey on it, it´s incredibly poisonous and produces sharp spikes - but still it lingers around, no freedom of movement.

There is, as always, help from a Soulie, this time working in construction, currently on a break, swinging between the water currents, not worried at all.

Paper is the same as with all my fish, 240g extra fine, white Fabriano paper, sketched with pencil > inked with isographs only > pencil stains erased > edges "cleaned" > framed.

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