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Updated: May 5, 2019

Let´s start with the fish. "DENSITY" = DENSE+CITY; it is the first gridded and bricked fish I drew, with a very static position, deep under water; it is an angler fish.

Copying the words I have written at the time it was in creation, the idea was focused around pressure, water pressure of the depth of the sea, looking at it as a fish, or in a transferred way, as a person. If we are made mostly out of water, than every single brick in this drawing is a water molecule - it built the fish, it builds the sea around it, and since it's very deep, I made them very small and many.

The story of the fish is that of a creature, persisting in a very unpleasant environment, for most of the living world; it doesn't really see it, it's black, heavy, quiet and for the most part, empty. Despite all that, it´s staying there, it is not afraid of it, it probably feels like home and who knows where it feels the fish end and the darkness begin?

Too all, I added “dead weight”, everything it's been dragging around with it, every luggage that its surroundings can get a hold of and pull the subject deeper, so, it is very hard to move. There is a light for attracting prey, there are very many sharp teeth and an electrical transformer in its mouth, sitting empty.

The picture is drawn on 240g extra fine, white Fabriano paper, excellent for working with isographs for it´s smooth surface, no clogging whatsoever. These drawings are very detailed and I have to do sketching with a pencil, than comes inking with isographs (here: ISO 0.13, 0.18, 0.25, 0.35) and erasing any shadows from the pencil lines. There is no shading with a pencil, in any of my works, for now, but every single brick has windows, so the effect is there.

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