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Going back to come forward

Updated: May 5, 2019

There, I have been deciding how to present certain drawings, the -behind the piece- story, because I get a lot of questions about why and how and, I tend to forget a lot about these things, once I move on. There have been two groups of people, as far as I can see, for I cannot decide for the undecided, so - some people want to know your motivation, your vision, the story a drawing holds, what materials you used, and so on, and others - they don't. I've added only basic information about every piece, listed to the right of them, once you choose a category in the GALLERY. You can decide then and there, if you want to know more - BUT - as a warning, this might quite possibly destroy or alter your personal vision and/or feelings regarding a piece, maybe like a movie would to a book. I don't know, it might make it better, who knows - so by clicking the > work process/blog, you'll find out.

I have been writing a blog as a way of tracking the thought and work progress of certain drawings, but it was just for my own personal use, as were up until in a little while, the drawings themselves. Since I don't like filling this page with stuff from before, as if it always existed here, I will gradually add some details about the past and link them accordingly from the basic information to here. Some things will have only pictures, some will have extensive novels written about living in my head before, during and after a picture. I will try to limit myself.

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