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DRAW-INK´STORE was in first place created to offer limited edition Fine Art Prints that have each undergone my inspection,

earned my blessing and signature.

For that I am working with awesome professional printmakers from Germany, to reproduce my incredibly detailed drawings to the point,

using the finest materials up to date, to give you the best quality in the fastest time.

In order to get you as close as possible to the original artwork, most of my drawings are reproduced as museum quality Fine Art Prints (also called Giclée). They come in the size of the original artwork with available outtakes from some larger ones, each telling another part of the story.

Limited editions means each is signed and numbered by rule with pencil, arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity, short Care Instructions and is catalogued accordingly. Fine Art Prints are printed with an approx. 10 cm wide white border (depending on size of the artwork - can be larger), so you can have it framed appropriately.

DRAW-INK´STORE  is currently divided into two stores: the first is for Fine Art Prints that are made and shipped from Slovenia, Europe. This is the store presented here on the webpage. The second is powered by, where everything is made and shipped from the amazing and hardworking people of Printful and Printify. That store offers designs that fit apparel, accessories and some home decor.

I am trying to expand with my wishes for the store and the demands of costumers, so I am hoping to provide more options in the future. If you have questions or special wishes regarding the products, please feel free to contact me at - I usually respond fast. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found something of interest to you.




DRAW-INK´STORE currently accepts payments through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this system as PayPal securely accepts all major credit cards. (After you submit your order click the "Pay Now" button. Scroll down and you will see the option to pay with a Credit or Debit Card without having to sign up for a PayPal account.)

Please understand that payment must be made in full and have cleared before the item is shipped. As a general rule, the customer is asked to pay within three days of placing their order. If payment has not been received within three days, I will first try to contact the customer. I allow three additional days to respond and can provide help if you are having any issues with PayPal or any other aspect of the transaction. If there is still no answer after this time, the order will be cancelled.

** Note: Any custom fees and duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Please be aware of the rules and regulations of your home country.


Fine Art Prints take about 3-5 working days to be produced. Because I cannot certainly claim the availability of the materials, I reserve the production time for up to 7 working days, as they are printed on demand. After receiving the payment, you will be notified per email of the exact time your item has left my hands on it´s way to you. If you are purchasing outside of Slovenia with Express Mail Service option, you will also receive your tracking number.

All artwork is handled with the utmost care (no smoke, no humidity, no harsh sunlight and temperatures, white cotton gloves), packaged per instructions on a strong supportive sheet of paper, placed in a strong tube and sealed accordingly, to prevent damage to your item. Some artwork may ship flat, if it should turn out that shipping in a tube would be less suited for its size.

Upon opening the item, you shall find a sealed new pair of white cotton gloves for yourself (Fine Art Paper can be delicate to fingerprints) - please provide me with your size in the "Note to seller", a Certificate of Authenticity, an envelope with short Care instructions and of course the purchased item.

If you are buying the item as a present, please contact me for additional wrapping and personal message card from you (not charged extra). If you would like this service, please let me know what to write (to fit on a postcard) in the "Note to seller" option during checkout.

My store is located in Maribor, Slovenia - Europe (EU). I provide the following shipping options:

a) STANDARD SHIPPING - transported through The Slovenian Postal Service, which includes AR (Advice of Receipt) and CH (Careful Handling)

b) PRIORITY SHIPPING - transported through The Slovenian Postal Service, which includes AR and CH

c) Hitra Pošta - only for customers from Slovenia, including AR and CH

If you want your item delivered to a legal address within Europe (EU and non-EU), you also have these options:

d) EMS - Express Mail Service - includes AR, CH, tracking (number)

e) UPS Express - your item will arrive the following day between 10:30 and 12:00, after dispatch

f) UPS Express Saver - your item will arrive the following day, after dispatch

If there is FREE SHIPPING, Your product will be shipped with a standard shipping option.

Shipping outside of Europe usually takes 2 weeks, however it may be delayed for an additional 6 weeks due to customs. This may not happen often, but is possible. Because of the low shipping costs, orders are not insured or traceable (except options D, E, F, where you receive a tracking number). If you do not receive your order in a reasonable amount of time, please contact me and I will discuss it with you. If you prefer to have your package insured against loss or damage and traceable, please contact me and request upgraded shipping and I will send you a price quote and then a PayPal invoice for the difference.

For any questions, please feel free to contact me, I am happy to help you. Contact:


What is the difference between Fine Art paper and paper used for poster art and such?

The paper I am using for reproducing the original artwork was designed for the purpose of offering museum quality prints. I am working only with heavyweight, 270 - 310 gsm Hahnemühle paper, 100% cotton acid free and matt textured. They are produced in Germany (as are the prints themselves), a genuine mould-made artist paper, each with its own characteristics. Usual poster art is printed on much lighter paper with different compositions available and almost no visible texture. It really depends on where you are looking, everyone has a different preference.

My drawings are extremely detailed, I use the smallest isographs on the market, mostly IS0 0.10 - to have this detail transferred in the best possible quality, I need something concrete with a compatible texture. You have a line of different series of Fine Art paper and every artist and photographer chooses what suits them best. 

There are also small details like signing a Fine Art print, which by rule should be with pencil. The pencil has to cut its way into the paper, which is not possible with smooth thin paper. Watermarks are usually created only on heavyweight paper, not posters. The white border has to have an effect on the print itself, so you can frame it without passe-partout if you desire. There is a difference in the absorption of colour between papers and the way it reflects it back. After the process this paper is coated with a protective layer to prevent damage from sunlight, so you can enjoy your print for generations.

There are a lot of differences that make Fine Art paper stand out and be chosen for this task. I cannot describe everything in words, but holding a Fine Art reproduction you can already see that the paper in itself is an artwork and needs special handling. That is why I provide every customer with Care Instructions and white cotton gloves, it has to be handled with care.

What should I do when my print arrives?

First of all, the tube your print is shipped in should not have any damage like punctures in it, always check that while the person delivering it is still at your door. The tubes I ship the prints in are very hard to damage and I pay extra for careful handling, so they should arrive unharmed.

Before you unpack, choose a clean, even and dry place like a table or the floor, in any case a flat even surface so nothing is underneath while you unpack. There will be a fresh pair of white cotton gloves for you in the tube, so no fingerprints can get on the print - the paper is sensitive to that. If the print is a bigger size, ask somebody to help you or use paper weighs on the corners of the print, so it does not roll back together. Be careful, because the paper is very heavy, don´t let it break, it will be visible later, you cannot even it out.

My suggestion is to bring the print to a professional to have it framed right away. After all it is not a poster, to hang without it and the sooner it is framed, the less damage can occur. 

If you will leave it in storage, place it vertically in the tube, do not leave it laying down in the tube, so it does not sag.

I have written short Care Instructions, which you will also receive with your print and if you still have questions, I am happy to answer.

Any suggestions for framing?

The framing is totally up to you - I encourage everyone to live their own taste, because you have to be happy looking at it. What I am happy with are simple black or silver frames, as the style is modern and technical. Personally a favourite of mine, a customer had it framed in a strong black wooden frame with a smaller width but a bigger depth and matt glass, no passe-partout. 

I advise against shiny glass, because the details are much harder to see, the reflection is too strong.


The following I give thanks to for making such wonderful graphics and helping so many (like me). Without these people I would not be able to represent my vision of the representation of my finished artwork and share it with the viewer. I have used the graphics (for showcasing some of my artwork) of the following people:

- Anthony Boyd @ Anthony Boyd Graphics ( )

- Chillshop Premium Mockups @ MockupWorld ( )

- deepyellowô @ DeepYellow ( )

- graphicgoogle @ Graphic Google ( )

Thank you!

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